Why Not Kotlin? You May Not See The Beauty of Kotlin Yet

Kotlin! The most beautiful child of JVM (Java Virtual Machine), the very newest programming language and most importantly the experienced programmers fall in love with it. Kotlin teach me one thing, you can defeat the king if you have something is your own. I personally love Kotlin. There are lot of things to fall in love, which can make your code more readable more efficient, more time can be save, more comfort you can achieve.

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The Architecture of Java Collection Framework

According to Wikipedia the Java Collection Framework ( JCF ) is a set of classes and interfaces that implement commonly reusable data structure. Although refereed to as a framework, it works in a manner of a library.

In my opinion, Collection Framework is a collection of some most used data structure like List, Set, Map. Data structure is everything we know. If we want to make a good program or algorithm we must focus on data structure. Because in programming we just work with data. We create, manipulate, retrieve,  delete, search, sort on various type of data. So we need a better organized data. And collection frame help us to choose a better data structure without implement it ourselves. There are lot of data structure which is already implemented in efficient way. We just have to create an object of that and use it. They also provide lots of methods to work with these data structure. This post is all about collection framework and it’s architecture.

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Java: What to learn to write code frequently

I am going to type my first article on Java, one of my favorite programming language. Java is so much popular now a days. Somebody loves it, somebody scares it, somebody don’t know what to learn, somebody hates it, somebody founds it complex. But statistics says java goes on and on. No ones thought, no ones feeling can stop it. So, Java must have something which makes it popular. But what it is? Simplicity…

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Here Some Effort is Waiting and There an Achievement is Counting Days

Today is 7 May 2017. I was waiting from 20 April to hear a good news. Today is that day. My team named Twinkle Cat is being selected for final app contest. I am very excited. This is my first app contest.

I have a little knowledge in android and I am being ready for app contest. It’s seems funny. But I think I can. This contest is very important to me. It helps me a lot.